We are a Machine Intelligence agency.

We create more intelligent products
through strategic solutions to unique data challenges.

Our Expertise

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence

    Leverage your data to understand your customers and sales funnels. Predicting lifetime value, retention rate, or purchasing patterns can help your business capture opportunities as they arise.

  • Natural Language Processing

    News, emails, customer feedback - text is how people communicate. We help you work with unstructured data using methods like topic modeling, sentiment analysis, document labeling.

  • Machine Learning

    Turn your data into actionable insights. Use machine intelligence techniques tailored to your needs to automate processes, analyze and predict risks, and streamline your data pipeline.

Our experienced founding team has analyzed brain scans, predicted start-up growth rates, written data science curricula, trained computers to play jazz, and taught CS and AI at Stanford, Osnabrück, and Barcelona. We help humans do more with computers.

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