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Unique Features

for a GPS audio tour guide app

Millions of Points Of Interest

Discover all the attractions, landmarks and top venues nearby. As you walk, or bike, or drive around, Summer will describe the best features of the local area.

Daily Local Events

Find out about what's going on in your city! Whether its concerts, book readings, farmers markets, or kids activities; Every day, Summer will summarize what each is about.

Augmented Reality

Turn on augmented reality and pan your phone around to see where all the landmarks or events are around you. Turn the real worlds features into your own game of Pokemon Go!

Turn by Turn Navigation

Pick a point of interest or an event and Summer will help guide you to it. Whether in the classic map navigation or showing the path in Augmented Reality, you won't have trouble finding it in Summer!

Multiple Hosts

Summer is joined by a stellar crew of AI hosts such as history buff Bill, and Penny the economist. Each AI has its own area of expertise and bring their unique charms to the narration.

Unguided and Unrestricted

Wherever you are going, whether down an empty looking highway or exploring a new neighborhood, Summer will find all the hidden stories and interesting facts to entertain you and your family.

Great Reviews

the number one AI Guide app

How does it Work

a brief technical summary

web scraping and linking

Web Scraping

Our agents are constantly scouring the web for features with physical locations and putting them into a database along with the original source (for referencing later).

Linking Data

These entities with all their alternative mix of labelling systems are linked together and distilled into a set of unique features with mutiple data sources.

filtering and summarizing


Our AI then chooses which features to select as candidates worth mentioning based on parameters of the data itself.


We use a bespoke Large Language Model alongside ChatGPT to concentrate the data into interesting digestible snippets.

fact checking and text to speech

Fact Checking

We use a proprietary fact checking algorithm to ensure the output does not contain any hallucinations or other misleading statements that LLM's occasionally produce.

Text To Speech

We then use a variety of the state-of-the-art TTS systems from third parties to vocalize the snippets into beautiful narrations from several voice profiles.

human in the loop

Human + AI Verification

Most importantly, our AI and human moderation checks the final product and sometimes make alterations.


Your feedback is crucial to help us improve our database, train our model, and the experience for all of our users.

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