Boise, Idaho

Explore the vibrant heart of Boise, Idaho, with Summer AI as your personal AI guide. We use GPS technology to bring the city's rich history and stunning landscapes to life through engaging audio storytelling.

Start your adventure on the Boise River Greenbelt, where Summer AI’s narration highlight the natural beauty and history lining this picturesque pathway. Gaze upon the Idaho State Capitol Building, as our AI unveils its architectural splendor and storied past.

Venture to the Old Idaho Penitentiary, where Summer AI brings to life tales of notorious inmates and historical events. Experience the cultural richness of the Boise Art Museum, with insights from Summer AI deepening your appreciation for Idaho's artistic heritage.

Stroll through the lush Idaho Botanical Garden, where Summer AI enriches your walk with fascinating insights into the unique flora and ecosystems. The soul of Boise, with its unique blend of urban sophistication and natural allure, unfolds before you with Summer AI, turning every step into an new adventure through this captivating city.

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Sample Narrations

  1. Old Idaho Penitentiary Site

    The Old Idaho Penitentiary Site in Boise, Idaho was a functional prison from 1872 to 1973. Over 13,000 prisoners served time there, including bandits, thieves, assassins, and killers. Today, visitors can explore the site through self-guided tours and a gift shop. The site also offers video presentations and various types of tours.

  2. Boise Art Museum

  3. Idaho Botanical Garden

  4. Greenbelt Entrance

Over 400 Points Of Interest

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