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Rob Macrae

Founder of Summer AI

Hi, I'm Rob. I've been working in voice AI for over a decade at SoundHound and at Apple. Just over a year ago, I left my day job to work on an idea I felt was acutely needed; an app that would help you discover a bit about the things around you. GPS tour guide apps work in less than 0.1% of the world. The information we want is out there on the internet but finding it and relating it to the things you are looking at is not easy when out and about. To that end I've built Summer. Summer is an AI Guide who, along with some friends, summarizes the points of interest and events that are happening nearby.

I've had some help along the way, with significant contributions from Iain Baird, Sean Kelly, and of course, ChatGPT.


Strategic Advisors

Iain Baird Profile Picture

Iain Baird

CEO at My Talking Pet app

Previously at Adthena, SimilarWeb and DropBox, Iain is a Co-Founder and CEO of ShareMob, makers of "My Talking Pet" and "Mazecraft". Iain specializes in marketing and sales and has helped drive ShareMob to 10m+ downloads.


Katie McMahon Profile Picture

Katie McMahon

Tech & Business Advisor

Katie is a tech executive with 20+ years of experience, helping tech companies like SoundHound and Shazam reach $1B valuations. Katie is skilled at pioneering tech innovation, launching new platforms, and guiding leaders to strategic advantages.



Daniel Lopez Ridruejo Profile Picture

Daniel Lopez Ridruejo

Sr Director at VMware AI Labs

CEO and co-founder of BitNami since 2003. BitNami automates application deployments of open source server applications on cloud services. Since BitNami's acquisition by VMWare in 2019, Daniel serves as a Senior Director at VMware AI Labs.


James Hom Profile Picture

James Hom

Founder & CPO, SoundHound

Co-founded SoundHound in 2005 and lead product as SoundHound grew to 300 million users globally and reached unicorn status. Recently SoundHound merged with Archimedes Tech SPAC Partners Co to go public on the Nasdaq with a $2.1B valuation.


Stewart Whiting Profile Picture

Stewart Whiting

Health-tech Founder & Early-stage CTO

Tech co-founder and early-stage/high growth CTO at Current Health, a world-leading startup supporting home-based care delivery worldwide. Current Health was acquired in 2021 by Best Buy Inc for $400M but continues to run as its own entity.